What's your favourite colour? White? Blue? Pink? Purple? Oh! Yours is not even listed? Or you don't even have one? Whichever you answer, that shows you know what colour means. 


Can you speak or have you heard someone spoken before? Speaking is communicating. It can be through any means - letter, social media, gesture, even eyes (African mothers - we reference you). 

As you are reading these, I'm communicating with you.


Alright! Do you know colour speaks? Weird? True? Wrong? Calm down...read on to understand what I mean.


When an artist paints a leaf 'green' and title it 'a dry leaf', he's communicating wrongly or confusingly right?


When communicating about danger, the best colour to use is red, for agriculture - green and so on. Each colour has its own meaning or representation. 


So in our day-to-day activities, let's be careful how to apply colour. Don't go for an interview in 'Color Riot'. Don't design using all the colours in rainbow. Be simple and beautiful!


For your information, Comeriver Nigeria limited designs with colours that will attract and call customers to your business.

Let's hear from you!!!


Color speaks! Use it wisely!

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