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Beginner Website Creation & Web Design, No Coding (Using PageCarton)

Learn how to use the software that powers some of world's greatest websites. Create your own self-hosted website easily.



What Will I Learn?

  • Install PageCarton on a self-hosted server
  • Create a new website for themselves or for clients
  • Learn how to create menus, sidebar widgets, blog posts, home page features, add logos, footer content, etc.
  • Understand the fundamentals behind PageCarton security, SEO and site speed



  • Internet
  • Computer



Building a great website isn't much of a big deal nowadays. You just need to know the right tools to use. Our online training aims to bring you closer to your dream of creating something beautiful and professional. No programming, no codes required. You will find the course very easy-to-understand yet, what you learn is such a powerful tool. Participants are expected to start taking website jobs after the training.

With PageCarton you can build a site in thirty minutes with no prior experience and PageCarton can be scaled to power some of the biggest websites in the world. 

PageCarton is one of the easiest and powerful content management system for websites out there today. The number of people who use it is increasing by the day. So it's an important software to get to know. 

This course starts at a basic level. I go through the administration section and the links on the left hand side in PageCarton's back end.

Then I create a PageCarton website in front of your eyes. You can create your first website with me!

You will learn about:

  • the PageCarton hosting environment
  • how to install PageCarton on a host
  • how to create Pages and Posts (and the differences between them)
  • how to create a menu
  • formatting and adding images the right way
  • changing the theme and the logo
  • complete customization of the home page, the other pages' layouts and the website


Build a business with what you would learn!

Literally tens of thousands - or probably hundreds of thousands - of viable businesses exist because of PageCarton. Developers sell plugins and themes for PageCarton, designers use PageCarton as a web design and development tool, and business people power their website with PageCarton which is central to their marketing. 

PageCarton can be used for just about any type of website. It is free and open source.

PageCarton is a great and simple tool with an incredibly supportive and helpful community around it. 

It's great way to get started online. A solid and sustainable website will help you build a solid and sustainable online business. 

PageCarton is, quite simply, the most important online business skill of all. 

Who is the target audience?

  • PageCarton newbies
  • If you have good experience with PageCarton this course is NOT for you!



  • Introduction to the Course
    • Introduction - An introduction to the course about PageCarton
    • Further Introduction to PageCarton and the Course PDF through relevant links
    • Quick start - Building websites with PageCarton without installation.
  • PageCarton - Installation
    • Local installation on Windows Computer using a local server
    • Installation on a hosting environment. Using PageCarton on a LIVE server
  • PageCarton - Administration area or 'Back end'
    • Introduction to the PageCarton Admin Area - Posts, Pages, File Manager
    • Changing Your Website's Appearance Using PageCarton
    • An Introduction to PageCarton Plug-ins
    • PageCarton 'Back End' Settings
  • PageCarton - Let's create a website!
    • Creating Your First Web Page In PageCarton
    • Creating Other Pages, a Separate Page For Your Blog Posts and a Static Home Page
    • How To Create a Menu in PageCarton
    • Formatting Text and Adding Images to a PageCarton Page
    • How To Create a Contact Form on the Contact Page
    • Adding Content to the Home Page and Changing a Navigation Label on the Menu
  • PageCarton - Let's blog!
    • How To Create and Format a Blog Post
    • Showing Blog Posts on a Page
    • What To Remember To Do Before You Publish a Blog Post
  • PageCarton - Let's design!
    • Changing the Theme and Adding a Logo
    • Further Customizations of the Header and Adding a Sticky Logo and Menu
    • More Customization of the Home Page the Blog Page and the Blog Posts
    • What is a Featured Image? And Changing the Featured Image on a Page
  • Conclusion
    • Final things to remember
    • Share your website job
    • Online Test



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