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Today was the epitome of Web Coding for Kids and Teenagers. This is because the Students were given the platform to showcase what they've learnt so far to their Parents and invited Guests. Everything discussed here in time past was experienced by Parents and Guests.

The event kick start with Mr Biodun doing the opening speech, while the guests were introduced by the C.E.O in the moniker of Mr Ayoola Falola and present in this event are Pastor Francis, Mr Oyetola Taiwo and other distinguish guests which we are constrained by numbers to mention here.

Thereafter, the presentation and assesment which everyone has been anticipating for commenced by the Students. We are very glad because attendees expectations was not cut short. The guests were startled and entertained by the Student's projects, while the Facilitators and Parents were proud of their Students and Kids respectively.

This segment was full of fun, excitement and extreme joy just as promised by the Organisers (ComeRiver ltd.).Spectators were marvelled at how Students identified problems in their society and made reachable solutions via their websites.



Highlighted below are some of the Student's projects:

.Trinity website;

.Games website;

.Website on latest technologies;

.Website on electrical cars;

.Online shopping website;

.Website on Pet tutelage.

While this was ongoing, ComeRiver made sure their attendees are well catered for by making available well packaged, satisfactory, and delicious meal alongside varieties of drinks.


The issuing of Certificates commenced after this and no other person but the C.E.O (Mr Ayoola Falola) could be more honoured to do this. As the Students were called upon one after the other, their Parents were also invited to take photographs with their kids and our most honoured C.E.O. Right after this, Mr Efe (one of the Facilitators) was invited to encourage the Parents not to give up on their Ward now, thinking they are certified Information Technologist but to encourage continuity by enrolling them into forth coming programs by ComeRiver so as to improve their beginner skills. He emphasized on the fact that this is just the begining of the journey into being an Information Technologist. He also illuminated the minds of the parent by telling them how the world is now a computer village and programming will be its centre by the year 2020 i.e if you are not a programmer by then, you will be unable to influence your society at large except you employ someone that can.


Mr Ayoola Falola closed the event by showing gratitude to Partners and Crew members that made Web coding for Kids and Teenagers a success. Photographs were taken for Parents, Students and Facilitators.

To also view our videos on youtube, click here  ComeRiver summer of code.



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