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Welcome our New Principal for Comeriver Coding Club


A warm welcome to Olusola Aladejebi - our new Principal at Comeriver Coding Club. In a bid to continue delivering a remarkable learning & mentorship experience for our growing club members, it became important we branch out the Coding Club with its own management team. And at the forefront of this team is Olusola who is handling the administration of our delivery of goals and objectives henceforth.


About Olusola


Olusola Aladejebi always seeks to participate in creating value through teamwork. He studied Philosophy in the university and has done courses in Human and Social Capital. Olusola has had managerial experience in various sectors including agriculture and education. He works with integrity and commitment. Olusola lives in Ibadan; he is married and has a daughter.


About Comeriver Coding Club


Started out as a mentorship program by Tech Industry leader, Ayoola Falola; Comeriver Coding Club is now a fast growing community of computer programmers - from beginners to advanced. The community is a one-stop Center for all the resources needed for programmers to move fast and easy on the journey of solving complex problems with codes. 

For more information contact about Comeriver Coding Club, call 08162081195



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