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Website for a business development and management outfit.

We employ the cooperative framework as a tool for fostering community, enterprise development and wealth creation.



Welcome our New Principal for Comeriver Coding Club

A warm welcome to Olusola Aladejebi - our new Principal at Comeriver Coding Club. In a bid to continue delivering a remarkable learning & mentorship experience for our growing club members, it became important we branch out the Coding Club with its own management team. And at the forefront of this team is Olusola who is handling the administration of our delivery of goals and objectives henceforth.   About Olusola   Olusola Aladejebi always seeks to participate in cr...



How to Create Gmail for Kids

The foremost responsibility of parents is to feed the inquisitive minds with ample data to work on. This post teaches you how to create a Google account for a child under the age of 13; the parent doesn't have to be nearby to control the child's device. Parents can authorize kids to have their own Gmail account remotely.  Follow the instructions on the screen to create your child's account. You'll ...



SummitExpo.com.ng Web Project

Project Manager


Starter Programming with PHP (online course)

Start your journey into coding and programming with this basic course in coding. The aim of this course is to simplify coding and enable participants to get started in coding ASAP. PHP is the programming language used in this training. Participants are expected to code basic tasks and create a dynamic server effect using PHP

Online Course


Strategic Internet Marketing for Business (Online Course)

Learn the intricacies of digital marketing for products and services using the power of the internet and other mobile technologies. The course aims to bring participants to a place of appreciation of digital marketing as the best way to target the right market. The course strategically exposes participants to traditional and nontraditional ways of creating exposure for content using digital means and also proffers ideas of converting exposure to sales.

Online Course


Swimming Pool Website Design for Waterzone Limited

Building a swimming pool website is supposes to be a very easy task. But YES! We admit, its not enough to just have a website. We always want to build a stunning website. Check out this project...



3 - Page Dynamic Website

Get your business online with a simple 3 - Pages that says it all. Be on point with this website design plan. Just three dynamic website pages are the best price in the industry.



eCommerce Web Hosting

Our ecommerce website hosting plan include a FREE Domain Name, Disk Space 30GB, Monthly Bandwidth 100GB, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Premium Customer Support and a FREE SSL Certificate.



Low Budget Hosting

Our low-budget hosting plan include a FREE Domain Name, Disk Space 1GB, Monthly Bandwidth 4GB, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, cPanel Control Panel, Premium Customer Support



Basic Web Hosting

Our basic hosting plan include a FREE Domain Name, Disk Space 5GB, Monthly Bandwidth 10GB, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, cPanel Control Panel, Premium Customer Support



Basic Graphic Design using Online Tools (Online Course)

The training uses basic and simple tools to achieve professional designs for day-to-day use. The tools are mostly web-based tools and mobile apps that make recreating graphics pretty easy. The goal of the training is to aid participants in grasping the fundamentals of design. Creating and editing DPs, Banners, Logos, Editing Photos, Invitation Letters, Memes, etc. Participants are expected to be able to produce professional designs after the class.

Online Course


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